We are the Number 1 choice, when it comes to Forex Account Management. With 10 Plus years of Forex Trading Experience, we provide Account Management services at a Nominal Commission of 30% on Profits (15% on Profits if registered with our Partner Brokers)

Why manage your Forex Account?

  1. Accounts are managed by Experts who have 10 Plus years experience
  2. NO LOSS / No ACCOUNT DRAWDOWN guaranteed
  3. We apply proven Risk Management techniques to minimize the impact of loss
  4. Commission only after Profits (Only for accounts registered with our Partner Brokers (15% Commission). Registered with other brokers 30% Commission. (15% to be paid in advance)
  5. We use a combination of Fundamental, Technical and Logical analysis to derive profits

What are Forex Auto-Robots?

Forex robots are automated systems that enter trade orders in the place of a human trader. They are programmed to generate returns by the application of mathematical rules which are decided by their creators. In other words, the intelligence and skill of a Forex robot is entirely dependent on its creator. The forex robots run the pre-programmed routine under all circumstances; they don’t change, revise, or adapt it to changing conditions in the market, but will attempt to cut losses based on the instructions provided to by the programmer. The commands executed by the robot are based on the tools of technical analysis, but sophisticated programmers will also use back testing to optimize the results of their robots. This process can be automated itself, and involves tweaking of the program to ameliorate its performance with respect to maximum drawdown, the placing of stop-loss orders, and other aspects of money management.


First, before starting a backtest, your price history data needs to be complete. This will avoid mismatched chart errors in your trading log, that will result in a modeling quality that is lower than 90%.

Under the tools tab, select History Centre and press F2 on your keyboard. A range of currency pairs will appear, choose the one you will be testing and check if your chosen timeframe is in the database. If not, click download. In order to make the test the most precise possible, it is worth knowing that the 1-minute tick data is the most accurate.

  • Locate the view tab in the top left of your screen. In the drop-down menu select Strategy Tester.
  • At the bottom of your screen, the Strategy Tester window will appear. From the Expert Advisor options, select your EA.
  • Use the symbol and period parameters to choose the currency pair and timeframe.
  • Check the use date box and specify the time period.
  • Choose the Every Tick option and Current for the spread, for the best modeling quality.
  • Click the start button.

Your results can be viewed in a log, balance graph or report. Use the results, graph or report tab to select your preference. Your results can also be illustrated in a chart, in the Strategy Tester window, click Open Chart.

While analyzing your report, please check the following –

  • Total net profit
  • Profit factor
  • Absolute drawdown
  • Profit trades
These statistics will give you an insight into your EA’s profitability and enable you to compare across various EA’s in order to see which one gives the highest net profit